Tuesday, February 27, 2007


*more pics, diagrams, instructions, and a photo-tutorial comming soon*

I've literally had this idea "rotting on the back-burner of my mind" for nearly FOUR YEARS!! 0_o

No, I haven't made one yet. But as you can see from my drawing, I'm quite certain that this idea will work----the theory makes sense...

The keychain is a "?" because I didn't have any bright ideas about what to make a Mickey Mouse head out of, unlesss you count Pringles lids. 0_o I'll probably get a better idea the next time I meander through a hardware store.

How to Attach the Keychain to the Keyblade

Ok, first thing's first---- The Keyblade itself is made ENTIRELY out of plastic PVC-pipes (of any color) and plastic 90-degree-angle PVC-pipe connectors. In all, there are only two 4-directional connectors; there are two of them instead of just one of them because, in order to have a keychain and complete an authentic-looking keyblade, you are going to have to do this:

Drill a small hole all of the way through [directly across the diameter of] the lower-most part of the keyblade----the "lower-most part" being the unused elbow of the second 4-directional connector. It doesn't really matter which angle your drill attacks it from as long as you drill it near-perfectly strait.

Your keychain's chain should probably be made out of plastic to match the the other materials, but if your keyblade is in need of a couterweight to balance it correctly, a metal chain is fine. (remember, the design may be MY IDEA, but your keyblade is still YOUR KEYBLADE, with which you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT!)

Once you've got a length of chain, stick one end, the end-link, into the conecter's elbow. Now, take a small pin (that, itself, is a about the width of the two small holes you drilled, and slightly longer than the diameter of the connecter's elbow is wide) and thread it through both holes you drilled so that it catches the link inside the elbow and holds it there. Superglue the pin in-place at both holes in the elbow.

It is a good idea NOT to measure & cut your chain before doing the above step. Once the above step is complete (in the later case of not-cutting the chain yet) , it will be easier to judge the balance and proportions needed to 'perfectiffy' your keyblade. :-) Measure-out the chain comming from the back keyblade to where you want it, cut, and attach Lil Mickey.

One more thing... It might also be a good idea to uses superglue anywhere that pipes connect, lest your keyblade comes flying apart in a dual. ^_~

Hint. Hint. Since the PVCKK is so sinple to make and so sturdy, you may want to make them in pairs for two reasons:
  1. So you can dual-wield like a true KH fan.
  2. And so you and a friend/family-member/rival/arch-enimy can knock the buttons off eachother! >:D
And one more last thing: should you enact reason #2, you and your friend/family-member/rival/arch-enimy might want to wear HELMETS AND/OR OTHER PROTECTIVE GAER, because PVC is very hard and very heavy, and my allow you both to actually BREAK eachothers' BONES. In which case, supposing you do, I, for one, am in no way ressponsible, because I am assuming that you will make and handle these [PVCKK-things] responsibly, as anyone who is both capable of constructing such a craft and strong enough to wield it should.